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Everything You Need to Know About Locs

Are you a stylist who wants to improve your skills with Locs?

Are you thinking of embarking upon your loc journey but have a million questions?

Everything You Need to Know About Locs is a comprehensive course that covers every aspect of Locs, from the origin and different ways to start them based on texture, to proper maintenance and effective repair. This class is perfect for stylists adding to their repertoire, caretakers of people with locs, and anyone interested in this classic hairstyle with a rich history. 

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Taught by Master Stylist Simone Hylton

Master Stylist Simone Hylton is your instructor for this comprehensive course. Simone is the co-owner and founder of Natural Trend Setters, South Florida's first and longest running natural hair salon, for 25 years. As a Celebrity Stylist, she has coiffed the crowns of notables such as Wale, Serena Williams, and Busta Rhymes. Natural Hair is her expertise and locs are her passion. 

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Join thousands of happy clients!

Sheryl P, Miami

After years of interlocking, Simone showed me why it wasn't good for my hair type. My locs are stronger than ever!

Tawana M, Atlanta

My husband doesn't let anyone else groom his locs since Simone taught me how to do it properly.

A'Lexus J, Tamarac

Ms. Simone has taught me so much about locs. I stay booked and busy!

Learning About Locs includes Unlearning

Locs are freedom! They call me the Harriet Tubman of Natural hair! Like her, I am here to take you on the journey to freedom. Follow me to Freedom - from the chains that bond your mind and heart from self-love and acceptance.

Come follow me as we take a journey beyond Natural hair to the next dimension.

Come with me as I unwrap the misconceptions and dispel the myths about Locs! 
Locs not Dreads because there is nothing dreadful about our Hair!

- Simone Hylton, Master Stylist and Loctician


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